The Toyota Corolla, winner of the 2019 World Car of the Year Award, is a vehicle that even your granny would love to drive. It’s spacious and equipped with a number of safety features. Plus, it’s stylish and not all that expensive for the quality you’re getting.

1. The Corolla is a mature product

Toyota has released the Corolla in six different models since 1998. As a result, we’re confident you can choose from different trim levels that suit your lifestyle. At the top tier, the Premium model offers maximum space and luxurious features to keep you comfortable on long drives with passengers.

2. Modern design makes the Corolla iconic

With its modern design, you could be easily mistaken with a Mercedes or a BMW. And that’s because the Corolla is actually stylish and not just plain. In particular, some models offer a sporty look with unique wheels and rims for added flair. The Corolla comes in multiple colors to match your style. The trims range makes it a flexible option for you to choose from.

3. There’s more room than you think

The Corolla offers plenty of legroom for passengers and luggage, as well as a spacious trunk for your groceries, luggage and your own personal belongings. If you’re not happy with the available space, the SE model offers an option to fold the front passenger seat forward. This is great for those who want to take a road trip with the family or pets.

4. The Corolla has lots of safety features

With the Corolla, you can drive with peace of mind. The Toyota Safety Sense P comes standard in the top-of-the line model, which features automatic emergency braking and lane departure alert. Similar features are available in other trim levels, but you have to pay a little more for them. Overall, everyone is ensured safety on the road when using this model from Toyota in 2022.

5. You get great fuel economy

The Corolla has a recommended rated fuel economy for all models. If you’re planning on driving in the city and opt for the base trim, you’ll get an estimated 30 mpg in combined city and highway driving. In comparison, the SE model gets estimates up to 43 mpg on the combined cycle. The higher models such as LE and XLE offer even better mileage than their mid-range counterparts.